• Only one thing sells in crypto, that’s a green chart. We have introduced the most daring tokenomics ever seen. We take a % of all sells, and re buy our own token, and then burn the tokens! Our token is designed to remove any extra sell pressure, and add extra buying pressure. Causing a viscous cycle of buying pressure! We are one of the few BSC/meme projects with staking, with reflection rewards for only staked tokens, this allows for massive APY % rewards + tokens that cant be sold. Increasing the value immensely!

  • Our goal at Green Chart is to create a global asset that anyone can buy, with no crypto experience, yet all the crypto benefits! We will first develop our own mobile wallet application with a fiat buy button, allowing anyone from anywhere to own Green Chart with ease! We will then launch a massive multimedia marketing campaign to markets outside the crypto space with our app. This will result in massive exposure, making Green Chart a household name.

  • We know crypto can feel like the wild west and mysterious. We don’t think it should be this way. Both team leaders and developers are fully doxed! We have put our faces on this project from day 1, on our own. We will continue to do live AMA’s with questions from you, the community! Bring on the FUD!

Next steps

  • Step 1

    Develop and launch a mobile wallet application with a fiat on boarding buy button to give ANYONE the ability to purchase & hold Green Chart seemlesley. Without crypto knowledge!

  • Step 2

    With our mobile wallet, create a worldwide tv, internet & media marketing campaign, capturing markets outside of the crypto space. Who are unaware of what we take for granted, advertising a new type of asset that people can hold & purchase with their smartphone! An asset that beats any type of fund/market of today!

  • Step 3

    “Create a blockchain asset with tokenomics designed to post a green chart! Capitalizing on the upcoming wave of financial disruption that is blockchain technology!”

  • Step 4

    By taking advantage of being so early in the blockchain space, we will create a brand & community that’s a household name. From here we will look to develop the $Green ecosystem that will be a financial tool for everyone.

Road map

Phase 1

Create tokenomics and smart contract

Website and social media accounts


Whitepaper / roadmap

Marketing plan/future vision

First introductory developer video

Implement staking

Phase 2

Hire mobile wallet app development company

List on Coinmarketcap

List on CoinGeko

Dextools trending

Initial audits

1m market cap

500 holders

First live AMA

Phase 3

Release mobile wallet application

Partner with fiat onboarding companies

Initial conversations with crypto e commerce platforms (shopping.io)

Serious influencer partnerships

10m market cap

Reach out to CEX exchanges (bitmart, hotbit)

Website overhaul, branding and graphics improved

Phase 4

Hire blockchain development company

100m market cap

Finalize deal with shopping.io

Begin building utility ecosystem

Cross network bridges


Tokenomics designed to pump!
Buy Tax

7% Marketing | 7% Slippage

Sell Tax

4% Buy Back & Burn | 7% Marketing | 6% Staking Rewards | 17% Slippage

5% - Team

Team ( Locked Wallet)
Dev: 2,500,000,000 (2.5%) Locked
Marketing/Influencers/Promotions: 2,500,000,000 (2.5%)

80% - Community

Community 75,000,000,000 (75%)

20% - Burn

Total Supply 100,000,000,000
Total Burn 20,000,000,000 (20%)

Why buy from us?

Tokenomics + Long term vision
  • Tokenomics: Simply put, we have created tokenomics for the sole purpose of creating a green chart. What most people don’t know is, if you have external coin rewards on buys, such as BNB, you actually are adding selling pressure. The contract has to sell off that % of buys in order to purchase the BNB to distribute. If you have 15% BNB rewards on all buys, 15% of those buys are being turned into sells. If 10,000$ comes in, $1,500 goes out. That is horrible! Other than the top whales and those who got in on day one you really don’t benefit. Especially when your investment is down over 70%! But keep collecting those few bucks in BNB!

  • Buy Back & Burn: We offer the highest buy back & burn in the BSC! As great as a buy back is, if it is put on buy transactions, it is still having to sell those coins to obtain BNB to buy back coins. Hence adding selling pressure, in essence canceling itself out. We only take from sells, money that would already of been sold, resulting in no extra selling pressure but extra buy pressure! Our buy back isn’t triggered by anything a holder can do, so it can’t be manipulated by bots. It operates automatically, randomely. Most projects just collect a large amount and never use it, creating artificial pumps. Our buyback actually will be in use, continually adding buy pressure and deflationary burning to the chart.

  • Staking: Another thing we have that helps post a Green Chart is our staking rewards. You will be able to vest (or lock) your tokens in the staking contract, where based on the term length your tokens are locked, you will receive rewards. Only staked tokens receive rewards, so only those who believe in the project long term will benefit from the reflections, allowing for massive APY’s!

  • Honesty & Transparency: We, the developers of Green Chart, would like to extend an invitation for you to come and check out our upcoming project. We know the biggest part of a crypto project is the lead team. Honesty, transparency, and integrity matter most, and that is the core value’s of Green Chart. We will be doing regular live video AMA’s, answering questions submitted by YOU the community. Bring on the FUD and hard questions, test us to see if we are up to standards. We have a massive long term vision for this project, we want to take the BSC world by storm and then create an entire ecosystem for BSC type coins and those who want to safely store and secure an increasing asset. We have put a lot of work and time into this project, we hope that is evident!

Flying Bitcoins


Get answers to common Q’s!
Confused Greenchart
  • Why is this not a scam or rug?

    The first being, we have doxxed ourselves willingly from day one! Our face and names are behind this project because we stand behind it. Liquidity is locked, dev wallets are vested and exempt from reflections. We have no way of stealing from this project or dumping it, if we wanted to we couldn’t! If you have any further concerns, please please reach out to us! Honesty, transparency, and integrity have been our mantra from day one, and we mean it.

  • Is this a honeypot? Can I sell at anytime?

    You can sell at anytime! This is not a honeypot! There are no sell restrictions of any kind in our contract. No max sells, no wallet % sells, nothing! You are free to sell as much as you’d like whenever you’d like! Your money is always in your control! Check out our contract on honeypot scanners here!

  • Do the Devs own a lot of tokens?

    No, the team received 2.5% of the supply. That is locked through Pinksale’s vesting locker. It can all be viewed publicly through BSCscan. and the Pinksale presale pool.

  • What is the marketing wallet for ?

    The marketing wallet has 2.5% of the supply. This has been allocated for influencers, project partners, giveaways, airdrops, and other marketing/team purposes. One of our marketing strategies is to reach out to large influencers and partners, compensating them in Green Chart. What better way to encourage someone to promote our project, when they themselves are invested into it? This is enticing because it can lead to exponential gains for them + having them apart of our community!

  • Will there be regular, Live AMA’s?

    Yes, the team will be conducting regular live AMA’s based on you, the community! We will have a reddit thread where users can submit their questions/comments and we will go through them on a livestream! No avoiding the tough questions! We will answer it all!

  • Will there be staking?

    Yes! We don’t plan on rewarding just any holder for reflections. Nor do we want to reward those who have sold and just left a small amount with no faith in the project. So instead of having across the board reflections, what we are going to do is reflections will only go to those who have staked their tokens. We will have different vesting time periods, and the longer one stakes their tokens the higher the rewards. This will lead to massive APY % rewards for stakers! Plus helping the chart since they will be vested for a period of time. Less sells = higher value. Higher value = staking rewards are higher!

Meet the team

Read more about the team here!


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